Friday, September 19, 2008

Little by little

Twist right with the left hand and left with the right
Sketch the etch or etch the sky with your red lady bug kite
Only piece by piece will the puzzle be complete
Harvest grain with gentle care and little by little comes the wheat
Such is a garden with 19 tomatoes still growing
No corn or peppers nor weeded lawn worth that mowing
Still a tub with the hot after you run hits that spot
Of splendisity and joy deep inside every girl and boy
Little by little grows the beard to make the man
Holding the door is always that weird gent Stan
"That's man!" Oh indeed deedni ho
Back and forth and forth and back
The cats growing fats BLD feed routine break/din
No more time for snooze or sleep in little by little we grow (Fin)

1 comment:

louiseifuplease said...

jolly good time
when you write a rhyme.
it makes one happy,
their foot goes tappy.
i've missed it so,
more than my right toe...
but eventually everything stops and grows...