Friday, January 2, 2009


The second day of the month which of every year is first
363 more days and this year will end so what's the worst?
We'll be @ the end of decade 1 in the 21st century friends
but worry not as the clock bears wings and the wheel barrow twists & bends
to understand the flying of time
shows the second hand (pie eating mime)
distracted is he because he is a she
or likely, for Trini(dad) and mom(ents) apart
it wasn't until the cow took that bow
did Nelson give thought about *der #clam ^chow
19 years ago oh silly was ice ice new born vanilly
or mc hammer and nails says my cat lilly
how about the new kids which are now back on the block
harsh on the ears I'd rather chew sand paper with a side of rock
and mock bird the ing a c walk the urban talk
a slang boome-rang the bell sorry only have Tang
well no wonder now im con-fussed the onion paper sat to rust
what did the nascar driver say at the end of the race?
"I'm exhaust-ed!"
yeah a madeup joke about a stupid lame ass sport
wasting our resource of gasoline gallon after liter after quart
round and round the track now aint that wack
come on burrito supreme court cut the gal some slack
laws and bills and tariffs oh my
waiting for godot or the market stock to up and dry
a useless toothless moosegliss lipgloss
a phrase founded coinly fountain toss a rolling stone gathers no moss
jack and jill addicts of a drug in a pill sat like cats in a windowless hollowed out sill
for there is no window for there is such a jolly old elf as santa
don't believe me rip your sleeve shirt T upset tummy take mylanta
a pop up add just popped up aren't u mad
hatter pancake batter up hit the baseball home run grand slam
your hand the the door knob jiggle it jiggle it jiggle it . . .
i will be posting my children's poems soon
so stay tuned in and I'll blow you an animal balloon.

#= syllable 1
^= syllable 2
*= syllable 3

Thursday, December 11, 2008


q r s t u v
follow the letters of lmnop
scissors beyond a kingdom of doubt
shreading a thread-like a whimzik-el shout
to hear or not the question is that
corn is kettle stinging nettle plant choose the rat
though a rodent rode in on it, across a road of flint
bubble rum gum flavored, leaving out the mint
so they say
that the horse eats the hay
but to whom sent the letter
stamped "cheese avec du cheddar"
plays the game hot or cold
to find the buried treasure gold
for this one aching pirate he sat and 8 the moldy pir
pronounced as such to rhyme with words like fire wire or flyer
in a circus of the sun
perfection of art is nearly won
ka et alegria & corteo have i viewed
and varekai also they all are never subdued
for they are powerful graceful peaceful and certainly free
this a recommendation for you to absee
d efg
love without friendship is a castle built on sand
or a plane without a runway the pilot cannot land
so forced to circle meander and wander about the skies
in hope of some hour swooping down finding love amoung wxy's
and also z's for sleeping to dream
flowingly drifted in a tea sifted stream
have holidays greatly happy and also joyful this i wish
and prepare a most delicious dish made of every single frickin fish

Sunday, November 30, 2008

gentle kisses

It has been a while so here we goes
Where we stop to sneeze someone knows
I've been here before just never really knew it
I've thought this idea before just didn't spew it
A cat has 9 and we have 1
accordion to some
little spittle moistens thumbs to twittle
an itch worth the scratching we fuss and fiddle
the hey diddle daddle and a 28,800 second shipbattle
even numbered brothers accomplished this in a day
take from their journey and apply some other way
read a book in one single sitting
write a book; worth the committing
tell a joke poke a yoke and scramble the egg
egg on a friend to ask another to mend
a torn heart sleeve once a lonely bitter end
and now a happier fitter beginning it seems
handy having her/him to help you walk lifes unbalanced beams
we all find joy in the laffter of a baby
born in May we can say you're a MAY-be
combining words like this is glue
BUTTER i don't need, but-her i certainly do
close though not the same example as follows:
(sally divorced ray:
now sally showing new friends pictures of the past
"this is me and my x-ray when i broke my arm") think fast!
get it? ponder about this and click your ruby slippers
who are the daily dinner diners considered grand ol' tippers?
leaving both on the table: one involves "bread" the other involves advice
pay it forward once twice and then thrice
recycle ideas of others
keep warmth undercover(s)
now is the moment so go for the d-log
gold reversed as well as "d" to end this "b"-log

Friday, October 10, 2008


its everywhere in life we look
its printed in every printed book
or prior to print the thoughts we think
hidden beneath each kitchen sink

the universe is completely reason
for its why each 3 month is a season
reason for medicine and cure for disease
why you dot your eyes and cross your tease
atlas mapping the world we know
cultured icons Simpsons bar keep Moe

Reason for shiver and reason for sweat
warm us up and cool us down we all bet
music IS an emotional medium yes?
to find our place in society is my guess
or just a sense of taste = the reason we eat
delicious fruit from nature and Rodizio meat
But not food that is processed cuz it's just that
A process complicated in order to work off the fat

To work out has reason to be healthy and fit
To work hard at a job has reason to never say "I quit"
Except maybe at a habit that does no good at all
Such as smoking drinking lying speeding writing wrong on a bathroom stall
To love IS the greatest reason of all time
To have that opinion and freedom and the right to say . . . "I'm
ME! A person a catalyst of change
a blessing because everyone is", even the strange
the weird the "different" beings around us
Reason for not driving the car and instead, taking the bus.

Listen to the birds and their churped channeled wise words
I deeply breathe my lungs expand reason for joining a marching band
Meeting friends now brothers important in every way
Smart talented gents avec wit and truth in what they do and say
A reason for relationships for we can't troddle this aging path alone
A reason names and numbers are contacts inside the cellular phone
Ping pong sing a long jiggity jong and the magical yong
IP relay the race of four competitive athletes
A tough calculus exam wishing you bore math cleats
4 9 5 2 1 Loro forgive us our debts release all the nets
Reason is and is reason.
Everything matters so live life with that thought
Know what you're taught AND teach what you preach
so those who can hear can listen with out fear
that my choice to write this is reason for you to read
Thank you friend

And there is reason I shall be marrying my best friend in 6 months two weeks and one day from now.
All is reason.
Tait Zachary

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

let that beat drop

I ask are you ABLE, to unwind the CABLE?
I label you nice and boil water for my rice
Out comes the upload, down goes the paved road
Another day passed by, give kung fu a first try
Lesson number one, I present an apple (green)
delicious as the soy poy joy by (Lean Cuisine)
that doesn't exsist but please don't get pissed
already registered to vote (nope)
view the stars through your tele(scope)
remember you and I'll remember me
sipping peppermint tea in our house in our tree
Mr. Chester Nicholas Thumbs
taddy-raps the six steel drums
While the choir voices
Change mens choices
To be better in their lives
To hold close to their wives
And wives to their husBANDS
Tightly interlocked are their two HANDS. . .
Up in the air for the young folks who care
about this world we all share
And if it comes down to truth or dare
I say look at me I stare.

Monday, October 6, 2008

so it goes like

every good boy deserves a kit kat bar
only lonely little break from the strummed out guiTAR
from the oil from the well aint so swell
when in hell but its your own hell now
so dont "have a bull" or whatever i meant to say just then
the little voice inside cannot step aside and abide 
decide which path to walk or is it up to you?
to pass gas in the glass half empty during mass
inappropriate in church sit in the pew and P U the stench
grab the wrench off the bench measure not an ench but a yurd
for the bird wingless flew up the flew chimney stuck
a puck off the ice will entice 3 sightless mice or can they?
which way to munch-kin land French tin can outside Fran oily n' tan
The Wayside World Wide Web CAMcord less moppidge to droppidge
what drug chose you to sippidge or silent . . . 

 . . . no one . . . just shut up about the way you see the colors of a frowning arc in the sky
sad is it the rain says goodbye 
so a dream catcher catches but one dream a week 
so your ice cream can squeak 
and steam bellows out your beak
I am meek yet not weak
hide and find or if you don't you jump rope 
wow that's far out my pimple headed dope
droopy soap to wash your face just in case you make first base
with Chase no not Chevy it's her sits next to you in Gym
no no Jim they broke up up in Broke-lyn New York last summer's Eve
and so Adam did sneeze and a first one at that 
unmask the flask and sit back and drink Jack
while a pipe you ignite feels just right this starry night
oh mistakes pronounced misteaks it is a miss take
"I miss took you for someone else, my miss take"
but who cares its for the bears to climb stairs at the fairs
and who stares? the fat bastards eating funnel cakes and pumpkin pie
lets drain the fat right out your eye
but don't cry cause real men open doors slowly
and slowly you see your life means nothing to no one
the people deserve to be loved so put down the gun.