Thursday, December 11, 2008


q r s t u v
follow the letters of lmnop
scissors beyond a kingdom of doubt
shreading a thread-like a whimzik-el shout
to hear or not the question is that
corn is kettle stinging nettle plant choose the rat
though a rodent rode in on it, across a road of flint
bubble rum gum flavored, leaving out the mint
so they say
that the horse eats the hay
but to whom sent the letter
stamped "cheese avec du cheddar"
plays the game hot or cold
to find the buried treasure gold
for this one aching pirate he sat and 8 the moldy pir
pronounced as such to rhyme with words like fire wire or flyer
in a circus of the sun
perfection of art is nearly won
ka et alegria & corteo have i viewed
and varekai also they all are never subdued
for they are powerful graceful peaceful and certainly free
this a recommendation for you to absee
d efg
love without friendship is a castle built on sand
or a plane without a runway the pilot cannot land
so forced to circle meander and wander about the skies
in hope of some hour swooping down finding love amoung wxy's
and also z's for sleeping to dream
flowingly drifted in a tea sifted stream
have holidays greatly happy and also joyful this i wish
and prepare a most delicious dish made of every single frickin fish

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