Friday, January 2, 2009


The second day of the month which of every year is first
363 more days and this year will end so what's the worst?
We'll be @ the end of decade 1 in the 21st century friends
but worry not as the clock bears wings and the wheel barrow twists & bends
to understand the flying of time
shows the second hand (pie eating mime)
distracted is he because he is a she
or likely, for Trini(dad) and mom(ents) apart
it wasn't until the cow took that bow
did Nelson give thought about *der #clam ^chow
19 years ago oh silly was ice ice new born vanilly
or mc hammer and nails says my cat lilly
how about the new kids which are now back on the block
harsh on the ears I'd rather chew sand paper with a side of rock
and mock bird the ing a c walk the urban talk
a slang boome-rang the bell sorry only have Tang
well no wonder now im con-fussed the onion paper sat to rust
what did the nascar driver say at the end of the race?
"I'm exhaust-ed!"
yeah a madeup joke about a stupid lame ass sport
wasting our resource of gasoline gallon after liter after quart
round and round the track now aint that wack
come on burrito supreme court cut the gal some slack
laws and bills and tariffs oh my
waiting for godot or the market stock to up and dry
a useless toothless moosegliss lipgloss
a phrase founded coinly fountain toss a rolling stone gathers no moss
jack and jill addicts of a drug in a pill sat like cats in a windowless hollowed out sill
for there is no window for there is such a jolly old elf as santa
don't believe me rip your sleeve shirt T upset tummy take mylanta
a pop up add just popped up aren't u mad
hatter pancake batter up hit the baseball home run grand slam
your hand the the door knob jiggle it jiggle it jiggle it . . .
i will be posting my children's poems soon
so stay tuned in and I'll blow you an animal balloon.

#= syllable 1
^= syllable 2
*= syllable 3

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