Tuesday, October 7, 2008

let that beat drop

I ask are you ABLE, to unwind the CABLE?
I label you nice and boil water for my rice
Out comes the upload, down goes the paved road
Another day passed by, give kung fu a first try
Lesson number one, I present an apple (green)
delicious as the soy poy joy by (Lean Cuisine)
that doesn't exsist but please don't get pissed
already registered to vote (nope)
view the stars through your tele(scope)
remember you and I'll remember me
sipping peppermint tea in our house in our tree
Mr. Chester Nicholas Thumbs
taddy-raps the six steel drums
While the choir voices
Change mens choices
To be better in their lives
To hold close to their wives
And wives to their husBANDS
Tightly interlocked are their two HANDS. . .
Up in the air for the young folks who care
about this world we all share
And if it comes down to truth or dare
I say look at me I stare.

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