Friday, October 10, 2008


its everywhere in life we look
its printed in every printed book
or prior to print the thoughts we think
hidden beneath each kitchen sink

the universe is completely reason
for its why each 3 month is a season
reason for medicine and cure for disease
why you dot your eyes and cross your tease
atlas mapping the world we know
cultured icons Simpsons bar keep Moe

Reason for shiver and reason for sweat
warm us up and cool us down we all bet
music IS an emotional medium yes?
to find our place in society is my guess
or just a sense of taste = the reason we eat
delicious fruit from nature and Rodizio meat
But not food that is processed cuz it's just that
A process complicated in order to work off the fat

To work out has reason to be healthy and fit
To work hard at a job has reason to never say "I quit"
Except maybe at a habit that does no good at all
Such as smoking drinking lying speeding writing wrong on a bathroom stall
To love IS the greatest reason of all time
To have that opinion and freedom and the right to say . . . "I'm
ME! A person a catalyst of change
a blessing because everyone is", even the strange
the weird the "different" beings around us
Reason for not driving the car and instead, taking the bus.

Listen to the birds and their churped channeled wise words
I deeply breathe my lungs expand reason for joining a marching band
Meeting friends now brothers important in every way
Smart talented gents avec wit and truth in what they do and say
A reason for relationships for we can't troddle this aging path alone
A reason names and numbers are contacts inside the cellular phone
Ping pong sing a long jiggity jong and the magical yong
IP relay the race of four competitive athletes
A tough calculus exam wishing you bore math cleats
4 9 5 2 1 Loro forgive us our debts release all the nets
Reason is and is reason.
Everything matters so live life with that thought
Know what you're taught AND teach what you preach
so those who can hear can listen with out fear
that my choice to write this is reason for you to read
Thank you friend

And there is reason I shall be marrying my best friend in 6 months two weeks and one day from now.
All is reason.
Tait Zachary

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