Monday, October 6, 2008

so it goes like

every good boy deserves a kit kat bar
only lonely little break from the strummed out guiTAR
from the oil from the well aint so swell
when in hell but its your own hell now
so dont "have a bull" or whatever i meant to say just then
the little voice inside cannot step aside and abide 
decide which path to walk or is it up to you?
to pass gas in the glass half empty during mass
inappropriate in church sit in the pew and P U the stench
grab the wrench off the bench measure not an ench but a yurd
for the bird wingless flew up the flew chimney stuck
a puck off the ice will entice 3 sightless mice or can they?
which way to munch-kin land French tin can outside Fran oily n' tan
The Wayside World Wide Web CAMcord less moppidge to droppidge
what drug chose you to sippidge or silent . . . 

 . . . no one . . . just shut up about the way you see the colors of a frowning arc in the sky
sad is it the rain says goodbye 
so a dream catcher catches but one dream a week 
so your ice cream can squeak 
and steam bellows out your beak
I am meek yet not weak
hide and find or if you don't you jump rope 
wow that's far out my pimple headed dope
droopy soap to wash your face just in case you make first base
with Chase no not Chevy it's her sits next to you in Gym
no no Jim they broke up up in Broke-lyn New York last summer's Eve
and so Adam did sneeze and a first one at that 
unmask the flask and sit back and drink Jack
while a pipe you ignite feels just right this starry night
oh mistakes pronounced misteaks it is a miss take
"I miss took you for someone else, my miss take"
but who cares its for the bears to climb stairs at the fairs
and who stares? the fat bastards eating funnel cakes and pumpkin pie
lets drain the fat right out your eye
but don't cry cause real men open doors slowly
and slowly you see your life means nothing to no one
the people deserve to be loved so put down the gun.   

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