Sunday, November 30, 2008

gentle kisses

It has been a while so here we goes
Where we stop to sneeze someone knows
I've been here before just never really knew it
I've thought this idea before just didn't spew it
A cat has 9 and we have 1
accordion to some
little spittle moistens thumbs to twittle
an itch worth the scratching we fuss and fiddle
the hey diddle daddle and a 28,800 second shipbattle
even numbered brothers accomplished this in a day
take from their journey and apply some other way
read a book in one single sitting
write a book; worth the committing
tell a joke poke a yoke and scramble the egg
egg on a friend to ask another to mend
a torn heart sleeve once a lonely bitter end
and now a happier fitter beginning it seems
handy having her/him to help you walk lifes unbalanced beams
we all find joy in the laffter of a baby
born in May we can say you're a MAY-be
combining words like this is glue
BUTTER i don't need, but-her i certainly do
close though not the same example as follows:
(sally divorced ray:
now sally showing new friends pictures of the past
"this is me and my x-ray when i broke my arm") think fast!
get it? ponder about this and click your ruby slippers
who are the daily dinner diners considered grand ol' tippers?
leaving both on the table: one involves "bread" the other involves advice
pay it forward once twice and then thrice
recycle ideas of others
keep warmth undercover(s)
now is the moment so go for the d-log
gold reversed as well as "d" to end this "b"-log